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AniCast Maker Developer XVI to Establish Joint Venture with Avex Technologies

AVEX Technologies and XVI enter into an agreement to establish a joint venture to monetize XVI’s AniCast Maker, a next generation anime production tool.

The recent rise in popularity of new types of mass media such as video streaming and social media has led to a diverse landscape of entertainment consumption.

New and enhanced tools, devices, and infrastructure have also lowered the barrier for entry into producing and distributing this content, while simultaneously reducing consumption cycles

It is in this environment of increased demand for timely content that Avex Technologies and XVI began to work together to create AniCast Lab., which is a research-focused project within AniCast Maker aimed at developing a method of producing anime faster, with fewer people, and with lower costs.

AniCast Maker is an anime production tool that makes it fast and easy for anyone to distribute anime shorts through video streaming services or social media on a daily basis.

It will soon be able to also provide a method to produce anime versions of comics, novels, and other media as a result of the work Avex Technologies and XVI have been doing together since September of last year.

Establishing this basic agreement between Avex Technologies and XVI to create a joint venture will accelerate the project to monetize AniCast Maker through strategic patent management.


■ About AniCast Maker
AniCast Maker is a tool that allows for the production of animation by placing characters and cameramen in arbitrary locations of a virtual reality environment. The anime is then created by actors or actresses entering these avatars and performing.
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• For inquiries regarding AniCast Lab., please contact the following e-mail address.

■ About XVI Inc.
XVI Inc. plans, develops, and consults on VR/AR/MR-related projects. They are involved in the development of products such as the VR-utilizing nextgen anime tool AniCast Maker, and the virtual YouTuber distribution system AniCast Live. XVI Inc. has also provided their technological know-how to the Virtual Johnny’s Project (as announced by Johnny & Associates, Inc. and SHOWROOM Inc.), and they are working together with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. to create a customer service system using virtual characters.

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■ Company Overview
Name: Avex Technologies Inc. 
Founded: May 14, 2019
Representative: CEO Asahi Iwanaga
Address: Avex Building, 3-1-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business Operations: Blockchain, Cloud Entertainment, etc.

■ Supplement Material
[PressRelease] Agreement with XVI to Establish a Joint Venture