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‘A trust’ Technology to Certify Digital Content with Blockchain Technology

AVEX Technologies has announced that they are now developing technology to issue certificates for digital content through the blockchain called ‘A trust’.

Digital content is easy to copy and difficult to protect due to its digital nature, which makes copyright infringement a common concern for creators and has generally limited distribution of said content in foreign markets.

With A trust, certificates for this digital content can be issued which will allow buyers to have proof of ownership of said content, as well as prove copyright ownership to help resolve these issues.

A trust will also have a clear separation between transactions and data on the blockchain, and the system will be applicable to existing digital content sales platforms with a certificate being issued via blockchain following payment in legal tender.

Avex Technologies aims to establish a new market through proving the authenticity of content and its corresponding value by developing a system that can deliver said content to more people while still protecting the rights of creators, leading to a world where all intellectual property can be developed safely and securely in both foreign and domestic markets.


Company Overview
Name: Avex Technologies Inc.
Founded: May 14, 2019
Representative: CEO Asahi Iwanaga
Address: Avex Building, 3-1-30 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business Operations: Blockchain, Cloud Entertainment, etc.

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[Press Release] Developing Technology to Issue Certificates for Digital Content Called ‘A trust’